2020 Sun Yat-sen University International Students (Master’s Degree) Admission Guide

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Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) was founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, with an educational tradition spanning over 100 years. As a university directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China, SYSU has become a first-class domestically and internationally renowned modern comprehensive university with the strong support of both the Ministry of Education of China and Guangdong Province. Composed of five campuses located in the three cities of Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen, and ten affiliated hospitals, SYSU is marching towards a world-class university and striving to become a global academic center.
     In accordance with the relevant documents stipulated by the Ministry of Education and other relevant departments as well as the actual conditions of SYSU, this guide is formulated as follows.
    Ⅰ. Eligibility 
    1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with a valid foreign passport.
    2. Applicants should be in good health and meet the physical standards that are required for applying for a student visa or residence permit.
    3. Applicants for master’s r programs must hold a bachelor’s degree equivalent to that of Chinese universities. 
   4. Applicants should be friendly to China, hardworking and diligent in their studies with excellent academic performance, upstanding and law-abiding, without any records of violations of the rules and regulations of their school, or any other security penalties or criminal records.
    5. Language Proficiency
    (1) Applicants should have an HSK (level V) certificate (with 180 points or above) for Chinese-taught majors. Those who complete their last degree with Chinese as the language of instruction can submit certificates of Chinese language proficiency issued by their school and can be exempted from providing HSK certificates after SYSU’s verification.
     (2) To apply for English-taught majors, the language proficiency requirements are:
   Master of Business Administration (International Business Administration) (hereinafter referred to as IMBA): TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic certificate must be submitted with TOEFL scores of 79 or above (15 or above in each subject) or IELTS scores of 6.5 and above (5.5 or above for each subject). Applicants who have completed their last degree with English as the language of instruction should submit certificates of English language proficiency issued by their former school and can be exempted from providing English level certificates after SYSU’s verification.
     6. Applicants for scholarship programs should meet the age requirements.
     Ⅱ.  Application Deadline
March 30th, 2020. (Please refer to the scholarship application guides for the time of scholarships application).
      Ⅲ.  Application Procedures
      1. Online Application
    Applicants are required to visit SYSU Office of International Students’ Affairs (http://iso.sysu.edu.cn) for online application. Please choose “APPLY ONLINE” accordingly, fill in relevant information correctly and completely, and upload the application materials (see the Table below). Application materials should be the original copies in Chinese or English. If the original copy of the following materials is written in non-Chinese/English, a notarized copy in Chinese/English is required.





Photocopy of valid passport

A scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page should be submitted. Applicants staying inChinaat the time of application should submit the visa page and entry page additionally.


Notarized highest degree certificate

Applicants for master majors should submit a scanned copy of bachelor's degree certificates. Applicants who are about to graduate should provide a certificate confirming the expected date of graduation issued by their university. A notarized copy of the highest degree certificate should be submitted to the Office of International Students' Affairs before the specified registration date; failure to do so will result in disqualification of enrollment.


Notarized academic transcripts

Applicants for master's degree programs must submit academic transcripts of their studies at undergraduate level. Those who are about to graduate should submit academic transcripts available at the current stage and the final transcripts must be submitted before the enrollment day.


Language Proficiency Certificate

Please refer to “Eligibility” for further information.


Proof of economic conditions

Applicants should submit the deposit certificate issued by bank, with the amount over 100,000 RMB. If the bank card holder is not the applicant himself/herself, the applicant shall provide the scanned copy of the corresponding member’s passport or ID card.


Physical examination report

Please refer to attachment 1 for physical examination items. It should be filled out in Chinese or English with the official stamp of the hospital. Physical examination results should be valid for three months.


Recommendation letters

Two letters of recommendation should be signed by professors or associate professors in Chinese or English (the autograph and valid contact information should be also included). If the recommendation letter(s) is/are sealed, applicants can send the paper version directly to the school without uploading the electronic version.


A plan for studying inChina

The plan should be written in Chinese or English with a minimum of 800 words. If applicants have published papers, please submit the abstracts of their works.


Application form for scholarship

Applicants should fill out the form according to all requirements and upload the signed and scanned copy. For specific requirements, please refer to the scholarship application guides.


Commitment letter

Applicants should read Commitment Letter (attachment 2) carefully and sign by themselves at the signature blank before uploading the scanned copy.

    2. Notes
     (1) Applicants should be responsible for the authenticity and completion of materials submitted. False or missing application materials will not be accepted.
     (2) Apart from all the supporting materials above, applicants should also submit all other supporting materials or information accordingly as required by SYSU. If the supporting materials are not submitted as required or submitted after the prescribed time, applications will not be processed.
      (3) Applicants should fill in their correct email address, telephone number and correspondence address. During the enrollment period, applicants must respond to all E-mails from SYSU on time. If they fail to do so or to submit the supplementary materials as required within the prescribed time, their application will be deemed to be abandoned.
    Ⅳ. Majors and Divisions
    1. Please refer to attachment 3 for the list of Majors of SYSU for international students (master’s degree) in 2020 and the application guides for all scholarship programs of majors.
    2. Please visit SYSU (http://www.sysu.edu.cn/2012/cn/jgsz/yx/index.htm) for further information about divisions for international students and attachment 4 for the List of divisions of SYSU for international students (master’s degree) in 2020.
    V. Selection Procedures
    1. Qualification Approval
    SYSU will comprehensively review applicants’ identification, highest degree certificates, academic transcripts, language proficiency levels, study plan, letters of recommendation to decide on the assessment list.
   2. Assessment
    Assessment is organized by the divisions and is generally conducted in one of the following ways: (1) interview (2) interview plus written tests. Specific assessment methods, location and time will be chosen by each division and notified to the applicants.
    3. Admission Policy
    Admission decisions will be made based on applicants’ qualification approval and assessment results, as well as their program choices. The results published by the Scholarship Management Department for the scholarship recipients’ list shall prevail.
    Admission result will be released via the online application system in mid-June. The Admission Letter and the Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China will be mailed to the applicants between July and August according to the postal addresses provided by them in the application system.
   5. Admitted applicants should apply for an X1 visa from the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate with the Admission Letter and the Visa Application Form for Studying in China, and change the X1 visa into a residence permit for foreign students within 30 days after entering China. Otherwise, they will face expulsion. Applicants with non-study visa are not allowed to register. Those with an expired visa or residence certificate will not be allowed to live on campus or carry out any activity.
    Ⅵ. Fees (RMB)
    1. Tuition Fee (RMB/person/academic year) and Registration Fee (including necessary admission assessment fees)



Natural Science and Engineering

Medical Science









Registration Fee (including necessary admission assessment fees): 400 RMB /person

Note: Tuition standard in SYSU Education Fees Standards released in that year shall prevail.

    2. Overall Insurance and Benefit Plan (including Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance, Hospitalization Medical Insurance and Morality Insurance): 800 RMB/person/academic year.
    Ⅶ. Scholarship Programs
    Information of the following scholarship programs can be found in the "SCHOLARSHIP" of SYSU International Students' Affairs Office (http://iso.sysu.edu.cn):
    1. Chinese Government Scholarships "Bilateral Program"(full or partial scholarships)
    Eligible applicants should directly submit their application to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of their home countries or the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy (or the Consulate General) from January to early April. Application deadlines vary by countries. Please check in advance.
    2. Chinese Government Scholarships--"Sino-US Degree-study Scholarship"(full scholarships) (SYSU Agency No.: 10558)
    American applicants should directly submit their application to SYSU Office of International Student’s Affairs. Application Deadline: March 30th, 2020
    3. Chinese Government Scholarships "Chinese University Program" (full scholarships) (SYSU Agency No.: 10558)
    SYSU is the admission university of the Chinese Government Scholarships, enrolling scholarship students for this program globally (for master's students and doctoral students only). Applicants should directly submit their application to SYSU Office of International Students' Affairs. The university is responsible for reviewing their application materials and submitting it to the China Scholarship Council by organizing an expert panel. Admission results are subject to the determination of the China Scholarship Council. Application Deadline: March 30th, 2020
    4. Confucius Institute Scholarship (full scholarship)
    The scholarship is set up by the Confucius Institute Headquarters in order to support students and Chinese teachers from all over the world to study Chinese language and culture at Chinese universities, and to pursue the master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL). Applicants should contact the Confucius Institute in their home countries, the relevant overseas Chinese test sites and the Chinese Embassy (or Consulate) for consultation and recommendations. Time of Application: from March 1st, 2020 to May 10th, 2020.
    5. MOFCOM "Master of Public Administration in Chinese Governance for Developing Countries" program (full scholarships) (SYSU Agency No.: 10558)
    The scholarship is a foreign aid project carried out by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). Applicants should submit their application to the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy (or Consulate) in their home countries before late May.  For details, please refer to the enrollment guide published by MOFCOM.
    6. Guangdong Government Outstanding International Students Scholarship for New Students (partial scholarships)
    Admitted freshmen can submit their application to SYSU Office of International Students' Affairs for scholarships. Outstanding international students can get the scholarship for the first school year. The amount of scholarship for master students is 20, 000 RMB per academic year for each student.  Students can continue to apply for this scholarship based on the relevant regulations and their scores. Time of Application: from April 2020 to June 30th, 2020.
    Ⅷ.  Accommodation and Insurance Policy
    1. Self-funded international students should arrange accommodation by themselves due to limited rooms.
    2. Recipients of Chinese Government Scholarships and Confucius Institute Headquarters Scholarships will be accommodated in the school dormitory according to relevant regulations.
    3. SYSU implements an insurance system covering all international students. International students must ensure themselves in accordance with relevant regulations of China and SYSU. If they do not insure themselves as required, they must purchase insurance within a limited period. Otherwise, SYSU will refuse to register them. If current international students are without insurance, then they will be dismissed from the university.
    Ⅸ. Supervision  
    1. Applicants should be responsible for the materials submitted. In accordance with relevant regulations of China and SYSU, applicants who fabricate materials to obtain admissions will have their admission qualifications and student status canceled by SYSU. After verification, relevant administrative departments will be informed of the facts of fabrication of the applicants.
    2. In accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Education, SYSU will conduct physical examination and review of admission eligibility for all admitted applicants after enrollment. Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements or provide false materials will be disqualified from admission qualifications or student status. Scholarship recipients will be disqualified.
    3. The SYSU Office of International Students' Affairs performs the supervisory duties of the admissions. The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department performs specific supervisory duties.
    Ⅹ. Supplementary Provisions
    1. This guide is applicable to the admissions work for SYSU international students (master’s degree) and shall be effective from the date of publication.
    2. This guide will be explained by SYSU Office of International Students' Affairs of Education Administration authorized by SYSU Undergraduate Admission Leading Group.
    3. If the policies of the Ministry of Education and relevant departments are adjusted, the new regulations will be implemented accordingly.
Website: http://iso.sysu.edu.cn
Email: admissions@mail.sysu.edu.cn
Enquiry Tel: 0086-20-84110819
Supervision Office Tel: 0086-20-84115582
Fax: 0086-20-84115621
Address: Office of International Students' Affairs, Sun Yat-sen University 135 Xingangxi Road, Guangzhou, 510275, P.R. China


1. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

2. Commitment Letter
3. List of Majors for Sun Yat-sen University for International Students (Master’s Degree) 2020
4. List of Divisions of Sun Yat-Sen University for International Students (Master’s Degree) 2020